Hacking AT&T U-verse Router (Gain Access)

I came across a network with internet connection provided by AT&T U-verse. Out of my curiosity, I wanted to access the router’s configuration manager, thus I needed the gateway ip address.

  1. Tried with no luck. And since I was using my Mac, ifconfig command doesn’t give me the gateway ip address. Workaround is to trace route google.com:

    The ‘home’ route, which is is the gateway ip address.
  2. Go to on any browser.
    Apparently, AT&T U-verse default setting is using above ip address as configuration manager portal. Also, when you access the configuration manager portal, there is no password needed. Only certain section will require password.
  3. Configuration Manager Portal.
    Even without password, you already have access to a lot of information about the network.
  4. Browse to Settings > LAN > Wireless, and I saw:

Happy hacking!

13 thoughts on “Hacking AT&T U-verse Router (Gain Access)”

  1. Dude, thats not hacking you could have just run “netstat -nr | grep default” from terminal and your computer would have printed out the IP for you.

  2. It is also not hacking because you couldn’t get onto “the random AT&T network you found” to do the trace route or get on without knowing the network password to the wireless. And you didn’t need a trace route just got to Google and type in what is the router gateway IP for AT&T UVerse router.

    1. This?? You’ve got to be kidding? This article isn’t “hacking”… I was hoping to find the way to hack into the gateway OS and change the default DNS servers. AT&T’s nanny box won’t allow it. I was really hoping to find an article that would provide a real hack… Maybe something like flashing the bios in this AT&T gateway box with a pirated Cisco IOS bios until this gateway either burns up or explodes! One day, those guys wearing the black suits are going to come and “re-educate” me… Until then, I’m gonna be breaking the rules…

  3. dude if you look on the side of your uverse modem you will see a yellow sticker with the default ip for configuring your router / modem. i mean this is not hacking! hacking is kali linux and hack tools using commands like airmon-ng airmon-ng start wlan0 airodump-ng wlan0 airodump-ng –c [channel] –bssid [bssid] –w /root/Desktop/ aireplay-ng –0 2 –a [router bssid] –c [client bssid] mon0 and wpa wpa2 hand-shacks that sort of activety is called hacking aircrack-ng -a2 -b [router bssid] -w [path to wordlist] /root/Desktop/*.cap and and after cracking the pass-phrase then you can use the default router ip to gain access to the configure there router / modem these commands and tools should only be used for security purposes

    1. Hacking is an artform sir.. not ./script_kiddie stuff ur talking about. You eouldnt know the first thing about memory allocation, or what a buffer overflow is.. so why dont you stop making fun of people and go learn something? Kali linux is a security pentesters operating system..not hacking.. u mention tools, and say that is hacking. But it is not even close. Hacking is learning and using that knowledge.. its a 5yr old kid taking apart his computer and spensing days trying to figure out how to put it back together.. hacking is a 14yr old trying ti find the offset to a lpd exploit for a redhat 5.2 unlisted distrobution and finally getting it! Getting dropped to a root shell prompt on a korean gov web server and getting a rush.. that is hacking my goodman. And not even close to a full definition.. it entails so much more. So try to contibute to the world in some way other than polluting it with nonsense. Thanks.

      – icefist aka darknessx

  4. Hey, what he did may not jive with your definition, but to the common man this is definitely that sort of sneaky thing that most would consider hacking.

  5. This is an old thread.. maybe the folks that shamed their name have had enough publicity? I am pointing at the condescending crew here.

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