Firmware-Free, Interoperable Devices

The Idea

Communication between devices has been great challenges for many years. This is mainly concerning the firmware the device is based on. Even if two devices have same firmware, there’s still additional effort to enable communication between the two devices.

For example, if you want to transfer a photo from your phone to your computer, you would need a USB cable to connect the phone to your computer and a driver for your computer to recognize the phone and read the data stored in the phone.

This idea is to allow communication between devices wireless-ly, regardless of its firmware, without need of specific protocol or driver.


  • Firmware agnostic.
  • Interoperable.
  • Wireless communication means no need of any driver.

Why is it possible?

What make this idea possible is a long-existence technology called RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification. RFID has been used pretty much every part of our life, from any form of wireless communication to proximity card to secure access to certain rooms.

Implementing RFID to every devices allows each device to talk to others nearby, this communication is also able to transfer files, photos, or any kind of data.

The data type sent must be standardized. When transferring data, the header information must contains metadata of the what being transferred (data type, date time, etc). It’s up to each of the device to define how to process the data it receives, this depends on the firmware.

The idea can be further extended to what will activate the communication. For example, any presence of another RFID-enabled device will not automatically trigger communication. The communication must be initiated by swiping the photo in your phone to the direction of other device nearby.

Will it work?


SimpleMembership to Replace ASP.NET Membership Provider

If you have ASP.NET 4.5 installed and new up a new ASP.NET MVC 4 project in Visual Studio, or if you are in Visual Studio 2012, you will see that the AccountController implementation is different than previous version (see this post).

Well, ASP.NET 4.5 comes with new membership provider called SimpleMembership. Among other features, what I like the most about this is its support on OAuth like Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts. In addition to that, you can know define your own User table in database and SimpleMembership will just integrate itself to your table, providing that the User table has UserID and UserName column.

SimpleMembership allows easy integration with social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, particularly ‘log-in-with-Facebook’ feature. As a matter of fact, this feature comes out of the box when you new up ASP.NET MVC 4 project in Visual Studio.

Jon Galloway has the complete coverage on SimpleMembership here: SimpleMembership

And here’s the step to add login-with feature on your new MVC 4 project: OAuth Support for WebForms and MVC