New Year Reading List

An Introduction to DataFrame

The cool in-memory schema-on-read DataFrame that is widely used in Python and other machine learning platform (Apache Spark, Databricks, etc) is coming to .NET. It does remind me of `DataSet` and `DataReader`.

Memory-wise apps with C# .NET

Very nice post by Ali, compiling from different sources and lay out how to write memory-efficient C# app.

20 Predictions about Software Development trends in 2020

An interesting perspective about what’s coming in 2020. From a quick glance, it looks like reasonable predictions.

Top 7 Modern programming languages to learn now

Rust is on the top, followed by Go. Two modern language which popularity has been gaining a lot of momentum lately. This post explains the basic of modern programming language and benefits of languages like Rust and Go.

Atomic Design Methodology

Online book by Brad Frost to explain the concept of atomic design. It’s a concept that mimic biological molecules and construct UI elements in a modular way for re-usability and maintainability.

Monday Reading List

Blazor Server in .NET Core 3.0 scenarios and performance

Have heard about Blazor? If not, definitely check this post out. For those who already use Blazor, you can skip. Unless you also want to understand the inner working of Blazor.

Everything you need to know about resource tagging in Azure

Azure has feature to tag your resources for some times now. But, how do you use it the right way? This post will explain.

Javascript – Does taking a callback make a function asynchronous?

Interesting question and could be one of those questions as well. The answer is: it depends. Do read more to understand the details.

The Mediator Pattern In .NET Core – Part 1 – What’s A Mediator?

I came across Mediator pattern and has since been intrigue by it. This post will explain what’s it and why do you need it.

How C# 8 Helps Software Quality

The essence of writing codes is not _just_ for computer to interpret and run it. Equally, if not more, importantly is for human to understand and maintain it. C# 8 features will help to do just this by increasing the quality.

A Reading List

Creating PWA Using Angular 7 – Step-by-Step Guide

A rather long and detailed post about Angular and PWA (Progressive Web App), but worth the read, especially if you haven’t heard about PWA. It covers the 101 stuff and goes on to creating PWA using Angular.

How to use Azure Bastion to connect securely to your Azure VMs

Great new offering from Azure. If you always RDP to your VM in Azure, or use a _’jump box’_, you will have a new, better, more secure way to RDP now. I really like the name too!

Lessons from Design School for Software Engineers

They are great lessons software engineers can adopt to become better. Not a technical post, but related to technical. It’s more of philosophical-type post, which is always good to know.

The Battle of C# to JSON Serializers in .NET Core 3

There’s a new kid in town, it’s called `System.Text.Json`. Michael goes over how the comparison between this new .NET Core 3 feature and other JSON libraries, including the infamous Json.NET. And yes, it cover performance test as well.

How to resolve .NET reference and NuGet package version conflicts

Have you ever got one of those annoying, `Could not load file or assembly or one of its dependencies` error when running .NET locally? Not only Michael explains why, but he also tell you how to resolve it. Mystery solved.

Tuesday Reading List

Inventory Dashboards Using the Power of Azure Resource Graph

Ever wonder what are all the resources in your Azure environment? You can now use power of Azure Resource Graph to query all the resources (or filter based on certain criteria).

Capture Web Application Logs with App Service Diagnostics Logging

Ever confused what logs are available in Azure? Well, I’m too. Specfically for Azure App Service however, the learning module helps you understand what’s your options.

Improve the developer experience of an API with Swagger documentation

Use Swagger in your next API project and you won’t have to hand-written those documentations. Heck, even use it in your existing API projects! This learning module will teach you how to implement Swagger in your ASP.NET Core API


Never get enough of .NET Core 3.0? Well, these 10 articles should give you enough read for the week. From performance, migration to configuration, it covers lots of stuff you want to know about .NET Core 3.0.

The ultimate (free) CI/CD for your open-source projects

You probably already know, but maintaining open source project is difficult and take a lot of your time. So, if you could automate your CI/CD and it’s free? Sure, why not.

Weekend Reading List

10 commands you don’t want to be without in .Net Core

With the rise of .NET Core, it’s inevitable to learn about `dotnet` commands. `dotnet` commands are important just like how one would use `npm` when developing with NodeJS or Angular project. This is 10 most common `dotnet` commands.

QA Testers: Coding Is Your Must-Have Professional Skill

It has become more of a requirement nowadays that a QA tester needs to know how to code. It’s no longer clicking the pages or browsing mobile app. Coding skill is even more important than ever before. However, one thing still holds true: knowing how to think is still the key.

Safe .NET Feature Flags with FeatureToggle

Matt Eland discuss his open source library for feature flagging, called FeatureToggle. If you are looking for a feature flag library and haven’t used one, definitely give this one a look.

Action-Oriented C#

If you, like Matt Eland, have hit plateau on your C# skill because you’re so awesome, it’s time to take it to next level. This is Matt’s approach to incorporate aspect of functional programming to go to next level.

Differences between gRPC and RSocket

This post probably going to take you to lower level where you feel a lil bit uncomfortable. It’s informative read nonetheless. In short, they meant to solve different problem.

Sunday Reading List

gRPC + ASP.NET Core as a Migration Path for WCFs in .NET Core

It was fun while it lasts, now with .NET Core development ramping up, WCF and its services library have slowly become technical debt. This articles a guideline to migrate to ASP.NET Web API and gRPC..

System memory health check for ASP.NET Core

If you’re already deploying your application to Azure App Services, you’re familiar with memory health check that comes with it for free. But, let’s say for some reason you need to deploy to other services, like containers or VMs, this article will walk through how to implement memory health check in ASP.NET Core application.

Logging in C# .NET Modern-day Practices: The Complete Guide

A truly complete and comprehensive guide to logging in C# / .NET. Michael walks us through from target types, structured logging, frameworks and best practices around logging. The three frameworks discussed are: Serilog, NLog and log4net. I’m glad I’m not the only one thinking we have too many loggin options in .NET!

Developers: This cute 8-bit RPG game wants to teach you new coding skills

What’s the best way to teach developer your API? Create a game, of course! Twilio does just that. It’s pretty good game too!

What exactly is Kubernetes?

For Container / Kubernetes beginner, this is a really good article to get your started. It covers the basic of Kubernetes, all different parts of Kubernetes, what Kubernetes is NOT and how it actually works.

.NET Readings

Roundup #53: .NET Core 3 Preview 9, Improved NuGet Search, Prefer ValueTask to Task, .NET Core API Performance

.NET Core 3 is getting closer! Want to know what’s new in Preview 9?

Navigating the .NET Ecosystem

In the spirit of .NET Core 3, it’s good to learn how we get here. This post covers past, present and future of .NET. And with that, C# and .NET Foundation as well!

New in ASP.NET Core 3: Service provider validation

Still about .NET Core 3 … I’m pretty sure everyone has come across situation where you deploy your app and find out you forgot to register one of the dependency in the IoC container. Well, with .NET Core 3, you can avoid this.

What’s new in Microsoft .Net Framework 4.8

With all the things going on in .NET Core development, let’s not forget about .Net Framework! Well, what’s new? Couple BCL stuff, fix on CLR issues, hashing algorithm, WPF and WCF stuff, many more.

Use Performance Counters in .NET to measure Memory, CPU, and Everything – Full Guide

I personally am dealing with memory issue in .Net Core application that we built. Michael laid it out on how you could user counters to measure not just memory, but CPU and everything in between.

Weekend Reading List

What I Learned From Bombing An Amazon Coding Assessment

Are you going to interview at tech companies? Make sure you read Andrew’s tips on how to solve coding questions. His approach is really valuable.

Easy data seeding in .NET (Core) applications

Almost all developers have that annonying moment where you have to create dummy data locally in order to test your application. This article uses `DbTool` utility and `Korzh.DbUtils` library for seeding the database.

Debug & Catch Exceptions in Visual Studio: The Complete Guide

Am I the only always putting a break point in `catch` line _after_ I have encountered the exception? I’m sure I’m not. Well, there’s a setting option in Visual Studio to break on every exception, so you can avoid this very issue.

7 Habits Of Highly Effective Programmers – Inspired by an ex-Google TechLead #humor

It’s not just enought to be a good programmer, it’s also help to become a highly effective programmer. Avoid meeting is one of the habits.

The Steve Wozniak Guide to Building Better Software

Pretty easy read on how to apply hardware-engineer approach to become better software developer in software-engineer.

My Sunday Reading List

Declarative vs Imperative

This is probably your interview questions, even though not many company I came across has asked these. Declarative programming vs imperative programming, is basically, in its very simple form, like functional programming vs object-oriented programming.

6 Key Concepts in Andrew Ng’s “Machine Learning Yearning”

If you want to learn Machine Learning, Andrew Ng is the man you need to listen to. There’s so much more to cover beyond this article, but it lays out 6 basic concepts in Machine Learning.

Using the Microsoft Graph API with PowerShell

A detail walkthrough on how to query Microsoft Graph API, which is a service to manage all most aspects of Azure AD and Office 365, with Powershell. From setting up secrets, certificate, application permission to access token, all covered here.

Why our team cancelled our move to microservices

Sometime you have to know when to back out as in this story of Steven’s team backing out from implementing microservices. What’s even more awesome is, he documented the lesson-learned from his team on what to consider when implementing microservices.

How you can build a Serverless API using GraphQL .Net Core, C# and VS Code

A step-by-step walkthrough on how to build GraphQL-based API with .Net Core, C# and Azure Functions.