Bonita Windows Server Installation on Tomcat


Installation Steps

  • Install JRE by clicking on the downloaded file.
  • Install JDK by clicking on the downloaded file.
  • Unzip Apache Tomcat file to a folder, use this path as <TOMCAT_HOME>.
  • Unzip Bonita Open Solution Deployment file to a folder. This folder is referenced as <BOS-5.9-DEPLOY> in the installation guides.
  • Follow this instruction:

    1. Skip “Download Tomcat” section.
    2. Skip “Download server files” section.
    3. Configure JAAS authentication and communication” section is not necessary if you are not using custom authentication. Follow this step if changes to JAAS authentication is required, for example, use LDAP for authentication.
    4. Configure BOS Tomcat for other databases” section is not necessary if you are not planning to use different database.
  • Add environment variable:
    1. Follow this instruction to add environment variables:
    2. Value for “JRE_HOME” and “JAVA_HOME” depend on version of JRE and JDK you downloaded. Make sure the value reflect to folder where the installation is.
    3. Add JRE_HOME
      1. key: JRE_HOME
        value: C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7
    4. Add JAVA_HOME
      1. key: JAVA_HOME
        value: C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.7.0_13

Startup / Shutdown Tomcat

It’s necessary to startup / shutdown Tomcat in proper way before replacing / modify any file in <TOMCAT_HOME> folder.

To startup Tomcat

  • On command prompt, browse to <TOMCAT_HOME>\bin folder.
  • Run “startup.bat” file.

To shutdown Tomcat

  • On command prompt, browse to <TOMCAT_HOME>\bin folder.
  • Run “shutdown.bat” file.

Running Bonita User Experience


You can install Bonita REST API with the following step:

  • Copy <BOS-5.9-deploy>\bonita_execution_engine\interfaces\REST\with_execution_engine_without_client\bonita-server-rest.war
  • Paste the file into <TOMCAT_HOME>\webapps

Running Bonita REST API

If you need to use an REST client, you must have acknowledgement of the Bonita HTTP API. All HTTP requests will be done using the POST method.

All requests, except checkUserCredentials, checkUserCredentialsWithPasswordHash and getIdentityKeyFromTemporaryToken, will require authentication using HTTP Basic.

To generate your first REST API call, follow this step under “REST client“:

Bonita (Pretty) Basic

Bonita is pretty! (pun intended)

Pretty Little Background

BonitaSoft is a company behind Bonita Open Solution, a powerful and scalable open source BPM software.

Bonita Open Solution is free and open source. You can even download the source code if you care.

If you ever wonder, they make money by providing training, consulting and subscription pack (SP) which is paid version of Bonita Open Solution (includes many other features not available in free version).


Bonita Open Solution (contains Bonita Studio, Bonita Execution Engine and Bonita User Experience)

Source Code


Java Runtime Environment (JRE).


Official documentation

Community Support
This is another resource for support. You can find forums, blog, and various way to improve products (issue tracker, contribute to open source), etc.


For all Intro Tutorials (PDFs), you will need to login to download.


Bonita Open Solution (contains Bonita Studio, Bonita Execution Engine and Bonita User Experience)