Change Windows Server Password w/o Existing Password

If you forget Administrator’s password for your Windows Server (tested on 2008), use the following command in command prompt to reset password with out being asked for existing password.

net user user_namenew_password

Source: Microsoft Support

Specify an Identity for an Application Pool in IIS 7.0 (under Windows Server 2008)

Sometime, you will need to change Application Pool’s identity to run under different credential.

One case example is to allow Application Pool to access database under credential that has special privilege.

Here’s how you do it: pull up your IIS 7.0 > select “Application Pools” menu on the left > select the name of the Application Pool you want to modify > click “Advanced Settings” on the right menu.

The default Identity is “ApplicationPoolIdentity”.

When you click on the ellipsis of the Identity parameter, here’s what you will see: