First of the Week Reading List

How to use npx: the npm package runner

There’s so much to say about `npx`, but essentially, it allows you to run package (think of the cli tool that comes with a package) without installing it globally, or without installing the package at all!

Microsoft: We want you to learn Python programming language for free

Learn Python for free! But obviously, you probably already expect this, that it will also promote the usage of Azure.

Google reveals new Python programming language course: Scholarships for 2,500

Well, if Microsoft has free Python course, Google gotta launch its own. Soon, I’m sure Amazon will follow. Google course is not free however, but will give scholarship to 2500 students.

Third-Party Components at Their Best

This post is less of educational, but more of “things you should have”, aka checklist, if you want to use third-party UI components. But, it also applies to non-UI, it applies to any open source really. And you can even use this checklist if you want to start your own open source project.

6 Ways to Unsubscribe from Observables in Angular

Yes, the glorious Observables in Angular. It’s double-edged sword, but it will only hurt you if you forget to unsubscribe. Luckily, there are 6 ways to do it. This post will show you how.

Basic Node JS and NPM Commands

Following are some useful commands for Node.js and NPM.


Display Node.js version.

$ node --version

Run local NPM package. If the package is installed globally, don’t need to use ‘node’ command.

$ node run <npm_package_command>


Display NPM version.

$ npm --version

Interactively create a package.json file.

$ npm init

Install package globally.

$ npm install -g <module(s)>;

Install package locally and save the dependency to package.json.

$ npm install <module(s)> --save-dev

Install package(s) based on package.json file in the current folder.

$ npm install

List global packages with depth = 0.

$ npm ls -g -depth=0

List global packages detail with depth = 0.

$ npm ls -gl -depth=0

List local packages with depth = 0.

$ npm ls -depth=0

List local packages detail with depth = 0.

$ npm ls -l -depth=0

Search the registry for packages matching the search terms.

$ npm search <module>

Update global packages.

$ npm update -g

Update local packages.

$ npm update

Uninstall global package.

$ npm uninstall -g &amp;lt;module(s)&amp;gt;

Uninstall local package.

$ npm uninstall &amp;lt;module(s)&amp;gt;

Run NPM tasks defined in ‘scripts’ section of ‘package.json’ file. ‘start’ and ‘test’ scripts don’t need ‘run’ command.

$ npm run <script_task>
$ npm start

NPM run scripts boilerplate: