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Add Authentication to MongoDB Database

To prevent un-authorized access to your MongoDB database, you can add security to it by requiring authentication whenever someone tries to connect.

It’s simple, run the mongod with --auth option. the command is:

// To add user
> use admin;
> db.addUser('admin','123456');

// Start mongod with --auth
$ sudo mongod --auth --dbpath /data

// Run mongo and login
$ mongo localhost:27017
> use admin
> db.auth('admin','123456');

// Include login in mongo command
$ mongo localhost:456789/admin -u admin-p 123456

More MongoDB security option:

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MongoDB Terminology Translation from RDBMS

Database Database
Table Collection
Row Document
Index Index
Join Embedding & Linking

Source: 10gen’s Schema Design

Version attow: MongoDB 2.6

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