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Enable SSL in IIS Express

It’s possible, fairly easy too. I am running Visual Studio 2013.

Highlight Web project from your Solution Explorer.


Under “View” menu, click on “Properties Window” (CTRL + W, P). Then, change “SSL Enabled” property to True


The first you run the web application, you will be shown a warning message that you run on SSL. Then, Security Warning message to install certificate, just “Yes” it out.


You can now browse to HTTPS of the web app by clicking on the IIS Express. The port of HTTPS address may be different than non-SSL.


Your browser may show untrusted SSL certificate. If you prefer trusted SSL certificate, you can generate this yourself. How to Create Valid and Trusted SSL Certificate (Wildcard) for Development.

For configuring IIS-hosted WCF to run on SSL, see Configure IIS-Hosted WCF to Run On SSL.

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Exposing IIS Express to External Traffic

By default, web application hosted in IIS express can only be accessed locally (localhost) and it will block all external traffic.

What you need to do in order to expose IIS express web application to external traffic:

Configure HTTP.SYS

Run the following command in Command Prompt with Administrator privilege.

netsh http add urlacl url=http://my-w7-pc-dev:23880/ user=everyone

Where my-w7-pc-dev is name of the machine. You can’t customize this, it must be name of the machine.

This will basically add the mentioned URL to HTTP.SYS, a handler for HTTP requests.

Edit Site Settings

Using Microsoft WebMatrix, edit Settings of the site to use the same URL you register to HTTP.SYS.


More about Configuring HTTP and HTTPS.

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