Weekend Reading List

What I Learned From Bombing An Amazon Coding Assessment

Are you going to interview at tech companies? Make sure you read Andrew’s tips on how to solve coding questions. His approach is really valuable.

Easy data seeding in .NET (Core) applications

Almost all developers have that annonying moment where you have to create dummy data locally in order to test your application. This article uses `DbTool` utility and `Korzh.DbUtils` library for seeding the database.

Debug & Catch Exceptions in Visual Studio: The Complete Guide

Am I the only always putting a break point in `catch` line _after_ I have encountered the exception? I’m sure I’m not. Well, there’s a setting option in Visual Studio to break on every exception, so you can avoid this very issue.

7 Habits Of Highly Effective Programmers – Inspired by an ex-Google TechLead #humor

It’s not just enought to be a good programmer, it’s also help to become a highly effective programmer. Avoid meeting is one of the habits.

The Steve Wozniak Guide to Building Better Software

Pretty easy read on how to apply hardware-engineer approach to become better software developer in software-engineer.

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