C# Dynamic-Typed Parameter Trap

A little tricky lesson today in C#.

Passing a dynamic-typed parameter to a method that has defined return type (ie: string, int, etc) will not return the defined type, instead the method will return dynamic type.

class Program
	static void Main(string[] args)
		FooBarClass fooBar = new FooBarClass();

		var result1 = fooBar.Foo("Foo");

		dynamic bar = "Bar";
		var result2 = fooBar.Foo(bar);

public class FooBarClass
	public string Foo(string fooArg)
		return "This is Foo";

In the above example, type of result1 is string, but type of result2 is dynamic, even though they both call same method that return string type.

This is because compiler do not evaluate dynamic type until runtime therefore it can’t determine return type at compile time.

This is important to point out because if we apply extension method to result2, it will throw exception at runtime, not compile time.

Example of extension method.

public static class FozBazClass
	public static void Foz(this string fozArg)
		fozArg = "Test..." + fozArg;
result1.Foz(); // this will execute normally
result2.Foz(); // this will throw exception

result2 exception

Just another reason we should avoid dynamic type.

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