T4MVC Keeps Generating Duplicate T4MVC.cs File (T4MVC1.cs)

03 Nov

Reference: Stack Overflow

Here’s the steps I do to fix it:

  • Delete T4MVC1.cs file.
  • Unload your project.
  • Edit the .csproj file.
  • Check the following tag:
    <Compile Include="T4MVC.cs">

    Make sure there’s only one of these and it’s T4MVC.cs. Remove T4MVC1.cs block if you have it.

  • Check the following tag:
    <None Include="">

    Make sure the is T4MVC.cs. If not, edit it to be T4MVC.cs.

  • Save the .csproj file.
  • Reload the project.
  • Rebuild
  • Make sure to check in that code so won’t cause any trouble in the future.


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Posted by on November 3, 2017 in General


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