Templaty Note-Taking


Most of note-taking apps are bound to a basic format. It’s as if you are writing on a paper notepad. If you need a box while taking your note, you will have to draw it.
The idea is to create a note-taking app that allows customization templates. Think about playing bingo, the app loads bingo template and user fills this up. Once done, the data is saved. Often time, note-taking in an event or a conference is very specific to a format.
An organization can also create templates for forms, such as employment application form or volunteer sign up application, to collect information.
Further development can include storing all templates in cloud that users can download to their device.


  • Custom template for all use.
  • Everybody can create their own template.
  • Paperless forms.
  • Better handling of data: normalization and data integrity.


In technical detail, the templates are built with standard HTML5 & CSS3. The app will load any template and save the data just like how any form on the Internet save the form data.

Will it work?

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