Social Survey


Many surveys begin with asking basic information (sex, age, city, etc) before going to the specific questions of the survey. An improvement for this area can be made by letting participants to login with their Facebook / LinkedIn account. By logging in with their social network account, we can directly ask the survey’s specific questions, all the basic information is captured thru the social network accounts. Obviously, privacy is a concern as well as staying anonymous, so the system will only take basic information from the accounts.
Another benefit we can gain from this concept is that the surveyors / researchers can target specific demographic. For example, the researchers want to survey all female living in zip code of 98728. The system (or app) will then notify all its female users who live in 98728 about the available survey. This also gives the researchers real-time survey answers which opens an opportunity for real-time survey such as surveying traffic on a specific hours in a construction site.
Incentive program can also be implemented to encourage participants and responses.


  • Real-time survey and response.
  • Targeted demographic.
  • Time-saving and direct survey.


By using participants’ social network accounts, we gain all the benefits above.

Will it work?

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