Android Keyboard Auto Suggest Design

This time tech challenge is about designing Android keyboard auto suggest.

Android keyboard auto suggest is a feature to suggest words that match what you have typed even if there’s typo.


As the above screenshot shows, Android system suggests ‘Thus’ and ‘This’ words when I type ‘Rgua’. Although ‘Rgua’ is a typo, it knows what I intend to type (which is ‘This’) because the letters’ position in ‘Rgua’ are as if I am typing ‘This’.

There is another trick to this feature. That is to suggest correct words in absence of space. For example, if I type ‘mytournament’ or ‘mybtournament’ or ‘myctournament’, the system will suggest ‘my tournament’. Notice it recognizes ‘b’ and ‘c’ as a space.

If you are to design / architect this, what’s your approach?


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