Circle of Trust


Often times, we are afraid to shop online because of fraud. We don’t trust individuals who sell items online. At least to me, this is true, especially with web site like CraigList where there is no specific rules regarding transactions. We don’t trust some individuals online because we can’t verify their identity and whether they have done something fraudulent before.

This idea is to create a system that will verify an individual identity and determine how trust worthy an individual is while allowing users to remain anonymous online.

This can be used in practically all online transactions and devices, be it web application or mobile app.


  • Real-time identity verification.
  • Everybody can stay anonymous.
  • Peace of mind when it comes to buying online.


Think of it like BBB, but for individuals person. Everybody will need to verify their information and identify with the system. Verification will require users to send in documents and the system must also verify the authenticity of the documents.

Online accounts can also be provided, such as Facebook’s profile, Twitter’s accounts, Google+ profile, Ebay accounts, etc, as additional information about the users. The system will verify each of the account provided by the users. For every additional information provided, it will increase the trust-worthiness of a user in online worlds.

The system will also allow feedback from other users / parties. The feedback can be positive or negative which will impact how each users reliability in doing online transactions. The feedback, along with users’ identity and online account information, will determine users final score which tells their trust-worthiness.

The system provides API that allows any body to check and see users trust-worthiness’s score by an authorized token that users have created. So, only with the authorized token, can one verify the score and trust-worthiness. In addition, the verification doesn’t reveal any information about the users, it will only reveal how trust-worthy, its score and any information the user wants to reveal. Verifying parties will only need an authorization token. This way, users can remain anonymous.

Will it work?


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