Start-Up Weekend App


I am a big fan on start-up business and start-up weekend really offers a platform for like-minded people to get together and build a company.

But, start-up weekend event is only hosted every now and then. Why don’t create the app where we can interact with everybody on daily, continuous basis?


  • Real-time,¬†continuous.
  • User profile provide detail information of their area of expertise.
  • Built-in project management tools.
  • Scheduling assistance, for meeting, etc.


It’s basically match-maker for venture capitalists, developers / designers, sales reps and project managers. Every users can create their own project of their idea. Then, developers / designers can pick a project they want to participate based on their area of expertise. Based on the team needs, the project may include additional project mangers, business analyst or marketers. Venture capitalist will then come in and see project details including all its members profiles and decide on what project to throw money into.

Will it work?

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