Digital Invoices and Receipts


I am sure this is out there somewhere, either in form of idea or actually application.

The idea is simple, an application that will manage digital invoices and receipts. Obviously, to be 100% paperless, it requires cooperation and integration with a lot parties such as retail stores, restaurants, vendors, service providers and basically all the places where we normally get our invoices / receipts. However, this ideas deals with management of the digital documents as well as helping digitalized existing one in any way possible. This will encourage all parties to start sending their invoices / receipts digitally.


  • Paperless, earth friendly, green living.
  • Security, no misplace of documents.
  • Ease of management.
  • Fasten document submission / processing (reimbursement, tax filing, etc).
  • No loss of documents.


Build an application that allows users to manage their digital documents. The system can upload, organize, and store all user documents. From this portal, user can also print or email out specific document.

Some of the ways we can digitalized existing documents are by scanner device and mobile app to take photo of the documents. After these documents are digitalized, the device will automatically upload them to user’s account in our application.

The application provides email inbox where users can send in the invoices / receipts as attachment. The system will then parse the attachment and turn in to digital documents. The email inbox is user-specific and can also be used for any stores to send digital document to the user. Eventually, the documents will be available when user logs in to the application.

All documents uploaded to the system will be OCR-ed. This way, users can categorized their documents based on vendor names, recipient names, prices, etc.


Will it work?

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