New Way to Promote Daily Deals

I keep getting emails from friends about Starbucks or Chick-fil-A deals. To some people, it’s useful, for me it’s annoying. I know how to find deals on the big I and if I need one, I will go find it. Regardless, deals hunter / daily deals company can leverage this to help them promote their deals and compensating the promoter with little something.

The Idea

This idea is actually an old idea and has been used by online retailers long time ago. It’s called Affiliate programs, some call it Associate, or Rewards program. The program allows you to sign up for an affiliate account and provide you many ways to promote their products (link, email, picture, etc). You will then get rewarded based on your performance.

The programs can also be implemented by any daily deals companies.


  • Leverage all users to help generate sales.
  • Reward loyalty and high performance users.
  • Mouth-to-mouth advertising, very effective.

Why is it possible?

Many reasons. First, not everybody knows how and where to find good deals on the Internet, some are just not very tech savvy. Some don’t have time to hunt for better deals. Some don’t care.

Secondly, there are always those annoying friends who like to spam others with deals. This will encourage them even more. On the other side though, these people are useful for companies.

Plus, your friends probably know what you need / want / like better than any deals hunter sites. So, rather than you browsing around many deals hunter sites, your friend can just send you whatever you need.

Will it work?


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