Why ASP.Net Web API and Not WCF?

Excerpt from Ido Flatow

  • Even with WCF REST starter kit (or new features in WCF 4), we didn’t get any of the client-side libraries.
  • Although we did get most of the service-side features, the new inspectors feature is not included.
  • Although some of the service-side features were well-integrated into WCF, others required the use of ASP.NET by turning on the ASP.NET compatibility mode.
  • To get some of the new features in WCF 4, you needed IIS hosting and ASP.NET.
  • Not all types of requests were supported easily (ever tried posting HTML form data to a WCF HTTP service?).
  • Overuse of CLR attributes to define the POST/GET/PUT/DELETE was tedious.
  • Configuration required to create “Web” HTTP (RESTful) type of services with all of the endpoint behavior.
  • WCF is heavy in configurations.
  • WCF overuses attributes.
  • WCF infrastructure did not support testing well.

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