Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Benefits

Many need justification to go with service oriented architecture. Below are just few SOA benefits, both business and technical:

  • Reducing integration expense
    Integration point could be time-consuming and expensive because of its maintenance. By building SOA and allowing others to access your services, you will shift integration to client’s side, omitting the needs for you to maintenance integration for your clients. Your clients, in return, has benefits of customizing integration point to their needs. Win-win situation.
  • Reducing hardware cost
    Because the nature of SOA is ad-hoc calls, which means services are called on-demand, it will consume resources only when necessary. This essentially reduce hardware costs.
  • Data exposure
    Data exposure could be good way if managed properly. Many companies have succeed through exposing their data. Case and point, and Facebook. By exposing and allowing others to use your data, you are creating dependency toward your platform. This basically means you can’t fail, because when you fail, others will follow in which it leads others to support your business nature.
  • One central source
    SOA when build properly could be one central source of all your data. This reduce needs of going different places to gather data because SOA is handling that and providing in the form of services for you. One central source is always good for it will save your time almost instantly.
  • Cross platform
    SOA doesn’t need specific platform to call, it’s cross-platform. Because SOA is built on top of today’s Internet standard, all platforms are allowed to access using these standards. No need to reinvent the wheel and one can focus on developing business model.

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