The How of an Idea

In my search of the next sliced bread (the probability is low, but at least I try to catch it!), I first search for the ‘how’ of sliced bread actually get defined. It’s all come down to an idea that people will like, accept and eventually use / consume it. So:

Why people will like and accept my idea?

  1. Because they need them (basic human’s needs).
  2. Because it solves existing problem.
    Solution to problems can target an individual, a group (niche market), or world (like in world peace). There will always be problems to be solved. Human race will never run out of problems.
  3. Because it yields better result.
    Better result could be more productive, save more time, higher ROI, less work, etc.
    Don’t get stuck with how you ‘normally’ perform certain activity. What you ‘normally’ doing is not always better of way doing it. That’s how the phrase ‘think out side the box’ came about, it’s to think out side your ‘normality’. Always challenge and be critical of existing ‘normality’ and think of a way to improve it.
  4. Because it triggers their mind to respond to stimuli or answer their fears.
    Napoleon Hill suggests there are 10 stimulis and 6 fears in which human mind responds to. People will like and accept my idea when it triggers their mind’s repsond through stimulis / fears.
  5. Because everybody else is using / doing it.
    Human nature is to conform to others. Whether we like it or not, we always conform to those who have stronger personality, forces or enthusiasm.
  6. Because it rewards them.
    Everybody likes reward, be it money, publicity / fame, relationship, self-actualization, riches (whatever the case might be). If the idea rewards them, they will go about using it.

However, for people to actually use / consume my realized-idea, they must have:

  1. Trust, can be achieved through:
    • Credibility: integrity and reliability of my realized-idea because of my previously proven track of record. Credibility gives a chance for others to believe in me.
    • Positive perspective: when one positively perceive my realized-idea, it will shape genuine, concrete and confident image towards my realized-idea. Thus, comes the trust.
    • Endorsement (from reliable sources): a form of affirmation or approval from higher sources, such as media, leaders, or significant others will build trust.
    • Crowd / conformity: again, conformity. If 85 out of 100 people consume / use my realized-idea, most likely the rest will follow. Why? ‘because everybody is doing it’.

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