JSON Array Deserialization in C# With Extension Method

After my first post about Json Serialization and Deserialization, I quickly realize I also need to deserialize object from Json array. Well, the previous code doesn’t work on deserializing Json array. My Json array looks like this:

[ { "firstname": "Alexander", "lastname": "Smith", "email": "asmith@company.com" }, { "firstname": "George", "lastname": "McAllen", "email": "gmcallen@company.com" } ]

The code for deserializing Json array is:

public static List<T> FromJsonArray(this string s)
    javaScriptSerializer = new JavaScriptSerializer();


It pretty much works the same way, only difference is instead of using just T, I use List<T> as return type. Everything else is still the same.


3 thoughts on “JSON Array Deserialization in C# With Extension Method”

  1. How to retrieve the Data from the JSON Object by filtrating the data with different condition?Can you explain with an example?… in c# 4.0.

    Pls Reply ASAP

    Thanks in advance…

  2. How can you loop through the list elements? I keep on getting “Object reference not set to an instance of an object”, even when just accessing the .Count property of the list…

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