Principles of Human-Readable Code

No matter what language you are using, it’s very important, again, VERY IMPORTANT, to write a human-readable or human-friendly code. This simply means, the code will need to be readable NOT just by machine, but also by human being.

  1. Do not write for yourself, consider others.
  2. Do not assume your peer / successor will figure out how your code work.
  3. Use indentation to separate block of code.
  4. Include necessary, descriptive, plain English (no heavy-technical buzz words), and straight-forward comments.
  5. Use already-established, easy-to-understand, widely-known naming convention, and standard, and stick with it!
  6. Do not create your own design pattern, unless you are 100% scientist. There are many well-known and widely-accepted patterns out there.
  7. Do not write complicated, more-than-necessary, excessively-repetitive-loop of workflow.
Updates are coming…

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