Getting to Know James Altucher

I came across this guy named James Altucher today. Apparently, he was a programmer in his early career life. Now, he is a stock trader, entrepreneur, writer and fund manager. Heck, he even plays chess and won a tournament!

Spending few minutes on his blogs I quickly find that most people disagree with his perspective. But, all I have to say about this guy is, he is truly inspiring! Straight forward in his writing (to which I mostly agree) and he always stand on his own principles. And no, I am not one of his relatives nor did I relate to him in anyway. So writing this post about him will not cause Claudia-incident.

I am personally inspired with his idea of writing down any ideas about problems, better-living, anything. Most of these ideas will NOT work, trust me. But, that’s not the point. The point is to stimulate our thinking and ability to generate more ideas, better ideas. The hardest part is to come out with first few ideas, after that, it flows like waterfall. Bottom line is, to exercise the brain and practice problem solving. It’s true when they said we only use 7% (not-so-accurate-number, but you get the idea) of our brain.

Having said that, I just want ping him back in my blog as form of my support.

Here’s some of his articles I read:
10 more reasons why parents should not send their kids to college
8 alternatives to college
how to be the luckiest guy on the planet in 4 easy steps
what it feels like to be rich

ps: one thing I notice though, his first blog post was in feb 2001. But he didn’t post anything until feb 2010. weird, huh?

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